The OC Spearos' Ryan Huff Memorial Scholarship Fund


The OC Spearos advocate for continued education for all freedivers as a means to arm them with the knowledge necessary to keep themselves and those around them as safe as possible during freedive activities. The OC Spearos regularly partner with industry recognized education and certification entities in an attempt to encourage members to gain crucial freedive knowledge. We believe very strongly that all divers should be certified. We also understand the potential financial barriers to certification. As such, we have created this scholarship fund to pay for the education of our members who meet certain need-based, service-based, and character-based criteria.


Through a partnership with both our donors and the certifying bodies with whom we work, the OC Spearos will pay the full amount of costs incurred in enrolling for both entry level and continued levels of education for our members.

From our donors, we hope to raise a total of $5,000 during 2020. This fundraising can be in the form of cash, gear, or service donation. If donors opt to donate gear or services in lieu of cash, the OC Spearos will work to find a way to convert the gear/services to cash through raffle, auctions, or other means. As the OC Spearos is a 501c3 public benefit corporation, 100% of donations are fully tax deductible. None of the OC Spearos' leadership or coordinators are financially compensated: all net proceeds of gear, services, or cash donated to the endeavor will go to paying for education.


The OC Spearos see this scholarship fund as an opportunity for all involved - club, member, donor, and certifying entity. As this is the only fund of its kind, donors and entities will have the benefit of promoting their donations and partnership in this effort to promote and support safety in the sport. The OC Spearos will trumpet this goodwill across our multiple social media and other varied means of communication on behalf of our partners.